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Medical services

  • Primary care for children and youths aged 0 to 18 

  • Treatment of acute disease/problems 

  • Check-up for infants, children and adolescents U2 to U9, J1 

  • Check-up for extended age groups for children an adolescents (U10, U11, J2) 

  • Consultation for and carrying out vaccinations 

  • Laboratory tests (incl. POC for CrP, urine, streptococcus, blood sugar) 

  • Sonography of the abdomen, infants' hips and brain 

  • ECG, blood pressure testing 

  • Allergy testing und hyposensitisation 

  • Audiometry, eyesight and speech testing 

  • Pre-surgery consultation 

  • Treatment of small wounds 

  • Consultation for developmental disorders 

  • Medical attendance for children with chronic diseases, preterm infants and children with risk factors

  • Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecological Consultation

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