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Information for patients

  • Please always bring your medical insurance card.

  • We work with appointments. Please always make an appointment, also for acute illness. This helps us keep wait times to a minimum.

  • If you would like to discuss a longer-lasting problem (e.g. headache or stomach ache lasting for several weeks) or talk about problems related to education or chronic disease, please mention this when you make the appointment so we can offer you a longer timeslot to address all your points of concern.

  • Please mention if you think your child has a contagious condition, such as lice, scabies or a fever with rash.

  • Prescriptions can only be issued upon presenting your medical insurance card. If you need a prescription or referral, please call a day in advance. .

  • Please always bring a towel or blanket for padding. For check-ups, please remember to bring the yellow check-up booklet as well as any vaccination certificates

  • Please undress your child in the parts of the body that need to be examined. In case of fever the whole body needs to be inspected (diaper or underpants can stay on). In case of a cough or shortness of breath the whole upper body needs to be examined. We try to keep the temperature in our practice warm. You can cover your child up with a jacket oder blanket until the examination starts. Please always take off your child's shoes before climbing the bed. 

  • Please keep your child from touching the computer, medical supplies or opening cupboards. We have toys and books in the waiting room to keep your child happy whilst waiting. 

  • Thank you for considering the above to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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